iSell Group Difference


highly trained team

Top sporting athletes have trainers and coaches, likewise at iSell group. We pride ourselves on having the most highly trained property managers in Melbourne. From weekly training, guest speakers and one on one mentoring, our team consistently trains to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible service and advice.

professional marketing

We believe that in order to effectively market a property, a profressional approach similar to a sales marketing campaign should be employed to attract the best and most suitable tenants. All our advertisements for rental properties have professional photos setting us apart from other local agents, we also include detailed and creative scripts outlining the property, all its features and the advantages of the properties location. To view our professional marketing, please feel free to browse through our current listings under the ‘rent’ heading on this website.

flexible viewing times

Our property management office is open for your convenience 6 days a week (excluding public holidays). However we realise that often tenants seeking quality rental properties require after hours or weekend appointments, and we know that the management of rental properties doesn’t stop on Friday. Our property managers are happy to hold open for inspections at your property after hours and on weekends to ensure maximum exposure, therefore guaranteeing you a better tenant, faster.

small portfolios

Each property manager, looks after a smaller portfolio than most property managers would. This gives you and your investments more attention, service and one on one customer care. With iSell group you won’t get lost amongst all the properties and become just another number.

loyal team

At iSell group our team members have been with us for a long time, we have low staff turnover meaning our landlords can have the confidence that they will always speak to the same person that knows them, their property and their needs. As our team have been with us for some time it also ensures they are knowledgeable and experienced to give the best advice to our landlords.


At iSell group we are shocked that some agencies will hand-out your property’s keys for a prospective tenant to conduct their own inspection without an agent. What’s stopping them from giving false ID or even copying the keys? We only allow prospective tenants through properties accompanied by a leasing specialist to ensure security and that the major benefits of living at the property are sold to the prospective tenant.

condition reports

At iSell group we have a “measure twice, cut once” philosophy, we believe in a little extra time to make sure that job is done correctly from the start to ensure our landlords don’t have any surprises later down the track. We have a digital condition report, easy to read information that cannot be misunderstood and we average approx 180-200 photos for a standard 3 bedroom property ensuring there is no room for confusion of the stage of the property prior to the tenant moving in.

low vacancy rate

At iSell group we have a reputation of keeping our landlord properties tenanted and when they become vacant we are quick to find another “A-Grade tenant”. This gives you and your investments more attention, service and one on one customer care. With iSell group you won’t get lost amongst all the properties and become just another number.


At iSell group we are very particular with keeping our landlords in the loop. Our focus is to call you before you call us, meaning you will never be wondering what is going on.

direct debit

At iSell group we strongly push for our tenants to sign up on direct debit, we even make it part of our tenant selection preference. This means our landlords are less likely to have rent arrears.

background checks

At iSell group we pride ourselves in our reputation for selecting “A-Grade tenants” for our landlords. We have a vigorous selection procedure through reference checks, national tenancy database and interviews

high market share

Our strong market share should give you confidence; other landlords have done their research and have chosen us to represent them.

open for inspection times

Our approach to inspections is a balance of four key factors: the number one priority of course – when it suits you. Then what time of day your property is to be shown to its best advantage; the buyer profile of your property and competing properties on the market.


education of tenants

At iSell group, we believe that a good tenant and successful tenancy can be achieved by educating tenants from the beginning of the tenancy. Tenants also receive a ‘guide to renting handbook’ which before leasing the property which outlines the laws and regulations of a tenancy.

flexible fee structures

We can work on a flat rate, a percentage or even an incentive structure. Our goal is to get the tenant to pay for our commission through the price we negotiate for you. Remember, the cheapest agent isn’t the one that charges the least. It’s the one that gives you the highest net result.

full guarantee

We are so confident about our level of service that, should you find yourself unhappy with us at any stage, you can leave us at any point, no questions asked.